Ice Dam Prevention and Removal Services in Dubuque, IA & Surrounding areas

We provide ice damming services to remove and potentially prevent ice from building up on a roof to where it can cause a house major damage. to meet each of your needs. We promise to provide every service with a smilie because we're happy to be there.

Our ice dam removal team helps remove the ice build up on your roof known as ice damming.

An ice dam is snowfall that has frozen on a roof that has formed to where it's preventing the normal flow of water fall off of the roof's surface. The ridge of ice that builds up blocks any melting water or further precipitation from entering the gutter or other natural gravity drainage system in place at your home or business place.

Built up ice on your roof that causes a frozen ridge like shape which prevents water from draining off the roof to where it could leak into your home. So, do not wait long once you see ice starting to freeze over on your roof; hire a professional ice dam removal specialist like your friends at Hydra Clean Pressure Washing Company! Don't let snow fall damage your roof as removing snow from your roof is done in a timely and effective manner with the Hydra Clean team.

Preventing roof from freezing over is important due to the fact that if snow and ice rest on your the roof shingles, once the ice melted, water can begin to leak into your attic space. Most attic insulation is thick but once it is wet from melted snow or the leaking water from the formed ice dams, it can eventually damage your heat cables within.

Even if there's no attic under your roof, there's insulation between that and your ceiling presenting a even greater problem. This causes more damage than ever fathomed just from frozen snow on your roof. Soffit vents help to ventilate once there is moisture within, but prevent water leaking in your attic by having Hydra Clean come remove your ice dams today!

During our ice damming service, we will remove ice dams by effectively melting the frozen snow in a safe manner. Our non-intrusive steam cleaning method melts the snow away just as the the warm spring sun would. The process takes no longer than a general roof cleaning, so your roof will be ice dam free in hardly no time!

We work to find the best solution to fit both your ice damming and roof cleaning needs. We're here to help. Hydra Clean services various roof structure types and sizes for ice dam removal at the same quality of work. This way you're covered - and not by a leaky roof from melting snow.

We remove ice dams near you! If you're located near or around Dubuque, Iowa and have ice building up on your roof, give the Hydra Clean professional team a call today so that we can schedule a free consultation for ice damming services at your convenience.

Remove the ice.

Whether you have a commercial property or residential home in need of our ice dam removal services, we will come assess your building to provide you with the highest quality work.
Hydra Clean uses quite a few exterior cleaning methods in order to use the best tool for every job. With over 20 years of service in the industry, we know the best techniques and always follow EPA guidelines.