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We provide commercial pressure washing services in Dubuque, IA & surrounding areas

If you're looking for someone to clean the outside parts of your restaurant, hotel, or other business, don't look any further than Hydra Clean Pressure Washing Company in Dubuque, IA. We will treat your patios, walkways, parking lots, dumpsters, gutters, windows, and sides of the building with the utmost care. We clean and repair blinds and drapery as well! We can provide you with a no-obligation estimate so that you will be comfortable and worry free every step of the way right from the start.

No matter the area of expertise, anyone in the hospitality industry knows a clean, healthy environment is a necessity. At Hydra Clean, we make that our priority. We take pride in helping you serve your guests at a place with a superior exterior appearance because it helps your business thrive. Whether you have vinyl siding that is in need of a good cleaning, tall windows in need of a glisten, a roof in need of a soft wash, or brick in need of high density pressure washing, we are the cleaners to help you shine!

We clean a wide variety of outdoor surfaces including vinyl siding, decks, brick pavement, concrete walkways, asphalt driveways, shingle roofs, and more. We also clean windows and any drapery/blinds involved in order to provide your establishment a complete clean. Hydra Clean has been cleaning for the hospitality industry in the Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Luxemburg, Guttenburg, and surrounding areas for decades.

Are you looking for a superior clean for the exterior of your business place and don't want to fret doing it yourself? Our cleaners know how to get the job done effectively and proficiently. Hydra Clean follows all EPA Standards to ensure that we provide a top quality sanitation every time we clean. You can trust our team to focus on our work, providing you with a complete clean for your hospital, hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality-based industry so that you can focus on your important tasks of providing services to the local communities and not have to stress about if your exterior is dirty or is the blinds need repair.

Not only do we spray and clean the outside part of your building, we also treat windows inside as well. We squeegee windows, leaving a sparkling finish. We also clean and repair blinds and drapery providing you with a full window treatment. We service your windows on-site most of the time so that windows aren't without drapes, leaving your aesthetics in place so that you don't worry about what your guests are thinking about in terms of the look of your business.

People are naturally drawn to places of good visual appearance. Let the Hydra Clean team pressure wash your hotel or restaurant and start getting more traffic to your door today. No matter if you have dirt, grime, mold/mildew, algae, hard water stains, gum on your sidewalks, or other messes/ build ups, our trained professional cleaners are sure to rid it all, leaving the exterior of your business so clean that it almost looks brand new!

As you know, when your in the hospitality industry, the number one goal is making guests feel comfortable, whether that is with some good cooking, a soft pillow to rest their head on, or just a clean chair to sit on. Likewise, our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable in the work we provide you throughout the entire process. We work with you and your guests in mind so that production doesn't need to halt and no business is lost so that you can continue being as productive as ever, and even more so once our team at Hydra Clean is done!

Buildings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, made out of all sorts of various materials. Hydra Clean does our best to ensure any exterior part of your hospitality-oriented place of work, as well as your windows, are cleaned with a streak-free finish. Give our experienced team a call today to schedule an estimate with our staff. We work with your schedule to help make the process convenient and stress-free for you. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help your business shine!

We are located near you, and come perform our commercial pressure washing services and window cleaning services at your business location. Hydra Clean services both residential and commercial properties in the Dubuque, Guttenburg, Cedar Rapids, Zwingle, Hanover, and other areas of Eastern Iowa, as well as Grant County Wisconsin and Jo Daviess County Illinois for commercial pressure washing services.

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