We offer many blind & drapery window treatments & cleaning services to meet your unique needs. We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

Blind & Drapery Window Treatments & Cleaning Services Near You

The interior of your windows is what you and your family are subject to seeing each and every day, and when guests come over, your blinds and drapes are a substantial piece of decor that is responsible for portraying the visual feel you were reaching for your home. Have you been trying to search for ways to clean your blinds or drapes but have yet to find the perfect solution?

Don't look any further. Hydra Clean Pressure Washing Company understands what it takes to ensure a proper clean of any blind or drapery you may have. We provide you with the highest quality clean so that you do not have to fret on the cleanliness of your windows interior any longer. No matter the material, we customize the cleaning process to suit your needs to ensure that effective cleaning is performed every time.

Cleaning drapes can be a daunting task when you aren't sure what supplies to use for the materials that make up your blind or drapery. Luckily, our experienced team has all of the proper supplies and techniques to provide professional cleaning always. The blind and shade of your home or office windows are unique to fit the look and feel of your place, so give them special treatment, custom to their material, mechanism, design, and overall aesthetic.

All of our blind or drapery cleaning services are done on-site, meaning your home stays looking the way you want throughout the blinds cleaning process. Some drapery material calls for dry cleaning, which we handle as well. We will address the material and supplies needed to get the job done effectively and efficiently, then inform you of the methods we will take to ensure you a complete clean.

Do you have any window coverings in need of a deep clean? Our certified window cleaning technicians will perform the window cleaning method necessary to leave both the coverings and the windows spick and span. It doesn't matter the height or shape of your windows and any of it's blinds, draperies, and coverings, no task is too tall for the Hydra Clean team.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for a one-time service or a property manager trying to schedule a routine cleaning, we are here to help make your windows, draperies, blinds, and other surface areas of your home's exterior look and feel clean so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your home's decor for what it was intended to be.

DIY methods for blind and drapes are only temporary solutions that don't focus on the overall longevity of your window accessories. The on-site drapery and blind cleaning we perform will help you achieve a new level of cleanliness without you having to stress any of the work. The cleaning technician who comes to your home or business will take every aspect into consideration in order to provide you not only with the visual look you imagined, but also with healthier blinds and drapery.

Unlike store bought products, the cleaning solutions and supplies that we use are friendly for each specific material of your blind, drape, or window covering. This ensures you with a top quality clean as well as adds to the overall length that your blinds and drapes will be looking and functioning at its highest quality. Call Hydra Clean to come perform a deep clean for your window's drapes or blinds so that they can stay clean and healthy for a longer time.

Hydra Clean has been in business over 20 years and services commercial and residential properties located in Clayton County, Jackson County, Linn County, and other local areas of Iowa, providing nothing but the highest of quality to all of our clientele. Let our team come access your window and it's accessories to provide you with a plan and no-obligation estimate today. Give us a call at 563-213-5787to discuss any of your window, blind, or drapery cleaning needs.

Treat Your Windows

Blinds and drapery are very important aspects of your window. That is why we clean those as well to provide you with a complete window treatment.
It doesn't matter the material or size of your blinds or drapes, Hydra Clean ensures to provide you with a complete clean for your windows.